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Morón AFB
Zaragoza & Madrid Spain

Morón Air Base is located in southern Spain approximately 35 miles southeast of the city of Sevilla and 75 miles northeast of Rota Naval Station. In 1983, Morón Air Base began hosting multiple exercises and has since developed into a major peacetime staging base. During FY 86, Morón Air Base hosted over 4,000 TDY personnel from all services and had active flying missions for over 180 days of the year.

In 1984, Morón became a NASA Space Shuttle Transoceonic Abort Landing Site. Since that time, Morón and NASA have developed a lasting partnership in service to Shuttle ventures. In March 1984, Morón Air Base was selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a Transoceanic Abort Landing (TAL) site for the space shuttle program. Special navigation and landing aids are in place, and personnel are highly trained to recover landing of the orbiter vehicle. Major enhancements were completed in 1986, and included the permanent installation of a Microwave Landing System. Morón Air Base is the only TAL site in the world situated to support high, mid, and low inclination launches. For this reason, Morón Air Base activates for almost all space shuttle launches.

Since January 2000, Morón's mission has matured to make the base a critical link in supporting the rotation of Aerospace Expeditionary Forces (AEF) -- deployed in EUCOM and CENTCOM Areas of Responsibilities. Tanker Task Forces (KC-135 and KC-10), Fighter Units from the Air Force and Marine Corps, and airlifters (C-141, C-17 and C-5s) use Morón as a staging base for AEF operations. The base also frequently welcomes rotating US Army personnel. Morón staffing swells during these operations with temporary duty personnel (known as Expeditionary Combat Support) supplementing the contract, civilian and active-duty personnel. In the past, the temporary duty slots were filled by active-duty personnel. However now the slots are almost entirely with Air Reserve Component personnel, making Morón one of the largest users of ARC personnel in Europe. In conjunction with efforts and guidance from 31 FW, 16th AF, HQ USAFE and HQ AMC, Morón has forged a lasting partnership with the Air Reserve Command, located at Warner-Robins AFB, Georgia.

Base facilities include a convenience store (food and some hardware/clothing), two-days-per-week banking, bookstore, gym, pool, bowling alley, tennis courts, library, and ceramics shop. There is a medical aid station staffed by two military technicians, but personnel must travel to Rota Naval Station to obtain medical diagnosis/treatment.

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